Day 1: Split

Day 1: Split

We visited Split and had the most wonderful time. This was mainly because this city is protected by the UNESCO as the world heritage city. The main attractive elements in this extraordinary city are Diocletian’s Palace, Roman Architecture and eye-catching landscape. We had an unforgettable nightlife in this city as planned.

Day 2: Sesula

Sesula is known for its location and the most visited bay in the Solta Island’s western part. We visited Blue Caves and taken photos of this beautiful island cave system. We were surprised that this cave system can be accessible only by boat. The most impressive elements in this area were the blue turquoise water and ever-increasing opportunities to take photos. An affordable boat rental was very helpful to our team to enjoy our days and nights as per our desires.

Day 3: Hvar

We had visited Hvar Island and got a chance to meet people who were arrived in this island by using catamaran. We discuss about so many things and shared our tourism experiences each other. We had an unforgettable nightlife in this beautiful island.

Day 4: Island of Brac

Our friends wished to visit an Island of Brac. This was because they have heard about different attractive elements in this unique island. We reached a remote village in this island and met people who reside in this historical village happily. We had the most outstanding experiences and opportunities to explore the cultural things.